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Utah ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Utah. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Utah has a total number of 525,814 ZIP Codes, and the first two digits start with 84. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
UTSummit CountyEVANSTON82930
UTBox Elder CountyMALTA83342
UTDuchesne CountyALTAMONT84001
UTDuchesne CountyALTONAH84002
UTUtah CountyALPINE84004
UTSalt Lake CountyBINGHAM CANYON84006
UTDuchesne CountyBLUEBELL84007
UTUintah CountyBONANZA84008
UTSalt Lake CountySOUTH JORDAN84009
UTDavis CountyBOUNTIFUL84010
UTDavis CountyBOUNTIFUL84011
UTUtah CountyCEDAR VALLEY84013
UTDavis CountyCENTERVILLE84014
UTDavis CountyCLEARFIELD84015
UTDavis CountyCLEARFIELD84016
UTSummit CountyCOALVILLE84017
UTMorgan CountyCROYDON84018
UTSalt Lake CountyDRAPER84020
UTDuchesne CountyDUCHESNE84021
UTTooele CountyDUGWAY84022
UTDaggett CountyDUTCH JOHN84023
UTSummit CountyECHO84024
UTDavis CountyFARMINGTON84025
UTUintah CountyFORT DUCHESNE84026
UTDuchesne CountyFRUITLAND84027
UTRich CountyGARDEN CITY84028
UTTooele CountyERDA84029
UTDuchesne CountyHANNA84031
UTWasatch CountyHEBER CITY84032
UTSummit CountyHENEFER84033
UTTooele CountyIBAPAH84034
UTUintah CountyJENSEN84035
UTSummit CountyFRANCIS84036
UTDavis CountyFRUIT HEIGHTS84037
UTRich CountyLAKETOWN84038
UTUintah CountyLAPOINT84039
UTDavis CountyLAYTON84040
UTDavis CountyLAYTON84041
UTUtah CountyLINDON84042
UTUtah CountyLEHI84043
UTSalt Lake CountyMAGNA84044
UTUtah CountyLEHI84045
UTDaggett CountyMANILA84046
UTSalt Lake CountyMIDVALE84047
UTWasatch CountyMIDWAY84049
UTMorgan CountyMORGAN84050
UTDuchesne CountyMOUNTAIN HOME84051
UTDuchesne CountyMYTON84052
UTDuchesne CountyNEOLA84053
UTDavis CountyNORTH SALT LAKE84054
UTSummit CountyOAKLEY84055
UTDavis CountyHILL AFB84056
UTUtah CountyOREM84057
UTUtah CountyOREM84058
UTUtah CountyOREM84059
UTWasatch CountyMAYFLOWER MNT84060
UTSummit CountyPEOA84061
UTUtah CountyCEDAR HILLS84062
UTUintah CountyRANDLETT84063
UTRich CountyRANDOLPH84064
UTSalt Lake CountyBLUFFDALE84065
UTDuchesne CountyBALLARD84066
UTWeber CountyROY84067
UTSummit CountyPARK CITY84068
UTTooele CountyRUSH VALLEY84069
UTSalt Lake CountyMIDVALE84070
UTTooele CountySTOCKTON84071
UTDuchesne CountyTABIONA84072
UTDuchesne CountyTALMAGE84073
UTTooele CountyERDA84074
UTDavis CountySYRACUSE84075
UTUintah CountyTRIDELL84076
UTUintah CountyNAPLES84078
UTUintah CountyVERNAL84079
UTTooele CountyVERNON84080
UTSalt Lake CountyWEST JORDAN84081
UTWasatch CountyWALLSBURG84082
UTTooele CountyWENDOVER84083